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Here at Cannabrew, sustainability is extremely important to us, and is at the core of everything we do as a company. This includes our latest venture – sending our Director and his friend off to run a marathon!

Environmental consideration is always at the front of our minds, and we pride ourselves on being carbon neutral as a company. One of our main aims is to plant as many trees as possible on our Cannabrew journey. Thanks to our partnership with Ecologi, we can currently plant two trees in the Madagascan Mangroves with every crate sold of our CBD-infused beverages.

However, now we want to make an even bigger donation to our company forest by raising £4,000, which will allow us to plant an excess of 20,000 trees. We’re all aware that there is a current climate crisis, and we decided that there’s no better way to tackle this than head on. Our two dedicated and passionate volunteers understand how difficult their task will be – and let’s be honest, they’re not your classic runners. As you can imagine, two large rugby players will need to be determined and willing to get to the finish line. However, they are confident that their passion and commitment to the cause will drive them to succeed.

But they need your help. It’s important to give back more than we take from the atmosphere, and that’s true for every single one of us. It’s time we pull together, plant more trees, and offset more Carbon. And it’s much easier than you may think! Once you become aware of your carbon footprint, it becomes difficult to ignore – and a donation is the first step. Count yourselves lucky – you just need to make the one, not the entire 26 miles worth!

We hope that our efforts will demonstrate just how easy it is to offset your CO2 levels by supporting the relevant charities. Quite simply, the amount of Carbon you will offset will depend on the amount you choose to donate. Overall, if we reach our goal of planting 20,000 trees, we will offset an impressive 500 tonnes of C02 from the atmosphere.

Just so you can see the bigger picture, we’ve provided some facts and figures. Believe it or not, if you’re an average person living in the UK, you’ll be emitting 8.4 tonnes of Carbon every year, which is the equivalent of 8,400kg. But, by planting just one tree in our company forest, we can offset 25kg of this. So, imagine how much of your personal Carbon you could offset through a larger donation to our cause.

To put it simply, to offset your Carbon for a whole year, you’d need to donate £80.64, allowing us to plant 672 trees on your behalf. For six months, we’d need £40.32 from your pocket, which amounts to 336 trees. Three months of Carbon will come at a price of just £20.17, or 168 trees. And just one month of Carbon will cost pennies – £6.72, the equivalent of 56 trees.

So, as you can see, even a small donation makes a big difference! Cannabrew, and our runners in particular, would be incredibly grateful for your support, however small. We are passionate that together, we can tackle the climate crisis.