Brewing with purpose

CBD-infused alcoholic drinks

Brewing With Purpose

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Your questions, answered

  • None of our CBD-infused alcoholic drinks are capable of getting you high. Using meticulous and intensive processes, we remove all traces of THC from our CBD drinks - that’s 0.0% THC in every drop! So, drink easy. You won’t get high.

  • We’ve done our very best to make sure that every last drop of our CD-infused drinks makes you feel fantastically relaxed. If you need to unwind after a long day in the office, CBD drinks are a great all-natural way to help you find your chill. But drink responsibly - they are alcoholic, after all.

  • Fear not! As we’ve removed every last trace of THC compound from all of our CBD-infused drinks, CBD will not show in most drug tests. However, old drug tests may test for CBD, so make sure you check which test you’re going to use.

  • If we did nothing in the flavour department, our CBD-infused drinks would probably taste pretty grassy - mimicking the natural flavour of the CBD oil. But we don’t wanna give you that! We’ve spent a great deal of time and effort to develop a range of truly refreshing and tasty drinks for you to enjoy.

  • We’re proud to say that we do our very best to conform to sustainability practices. Our natural waste products are donated to local farmers to use as fertiliser, we’ve removed 100% of the plastic from all of our packaging, and if that wasn’t enough, we plant two - yes, TWO - trees for every case of our CBD beer or cider that you buy!

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