Brewing with purpose

Craft Cider, Infused with CBD

Brewing With Purpose

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4.5% ABV | 15mg CBD

Mixed Case

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Mixed Case
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4.0% ABV | 15mg CBD

Cloud Cider

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Cloud Cider


  • Hard cider? Soft cider? What’s the difference? Well, the difference is alcohol. Craft hard ciders contain alcohol - and are therefore alcoholic. So drink responsibly, folks!

  • CBD cider cannot get you high. We take great pains to remove every last trace of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from aloof the CBD oil that we use.

  • Just like our CBD beers, we crafted our CBD infused cider to help you relax. CBD oil is an all-natural, tried and tested product that can help you unwind after a long day or make you feel more yourself in a group setting.

  • Absolutely not! Remember - we remove 100% of the THC from the CBD oil that we infuse our cider with. So, no, it will not show up on drug tests. However, our cider is alcoholic, so make sure you drink responsibly!

  • CBD on its own tastes pretty grassy, so we’ve done our very best to craft a CBD cider that’s less grass and more class. Using only the finest natural ingredients, we’ve developed a mouth-watering cloudy apple flavour with subtle earthy notes that’ll keep you coming back for more.

  • Our CBD cider absolutely is 100% vegan-friendly. We use modern alternative filtration processes to make sure our cider is A-OK for our vegan drinkers.

    Our Cloud Cider is also Gluten-free.

  • We’re proud to say that we’ve done our utmost to ensure we follow sustainable practices. We’ve ditched 100% of the plastic in our packaging, we minimise waste by donating our natural by-products to local farmers to use as fertiliser, and, to cap it off, we plant two beautiful trees for every case of cider you buy. THAT’S giving back.

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