Reuniting Ancient Families – Cannabrew Addition


Cannabrew reuniting ancient families with modern science.

Now we know you didn’t come here for a history lesson, but once upon a time the cannabis and hop plants belonged to the same plant family – The Cannabinaceae family. Then (about 27 million years ago) the two plants evolved into separate species. Since then, they have taken very different routes in life with various uses, connotations and laws regulating their use.

Today we can still see some similarities between the two species, the jagged-edged leaves of both plants give you a clue. You may also have noticed that cannabis and hops share a similar, distinctive smell. This is due to terpenes, the compounds responsible for not only the flavourful smell but the therapeutic benefits too. Both plants are also very oily and resinous, from the hops this is what gives our beer those exciting flavours. Whereas on the Hemp plant, we use the oil for its CBD content (after its gone through the science labs to ensure its 100% CBD).

Now we are not claiming to be on a level with Jeremy Kyle here, but we have reunited an ancient family that’s been apart for millions of years (you don’t see Jezza doing that very often).  We have done this to create a full-flavoured UK craft beer infused with CBD oil for an exciting, refreshing flavour packed Craft Beer with benefits for both your body and wellbeing, giving you an elevated and relaxing drinking experience.

When sourcing our CBD, we go above, and beyond which has taken our Manufacturing team around the globe to source hemp of the highest quality. We visited scenic CBD farms in Switzerland right across to Rustic CBD Farms in Malawi before we decided to settle with Colorado due to the high standards of Health and Safety and quality control kept in the Hemp and CBD farms and warehouses (this was also a great excuse for the director to go and visit some incredible countries). Meaning we can give you the best quality CBD infused Craft beer and cider with the comfort of knowing it’s safe, legal and has in it what it says on the tin.

From CBD-infused chocolate to chewing gum, the global CBD market has truly captured the public’s imagination by tapping into some deeper-rooted drivers. Consumers around the world are experiencing the many therapeutic benefits of CBD oil and at Cannabrew we are proud to be one of the UK’s first Craft Breweries to have incorporated it into a product that is as well-loved as craft beer to give you an elevated drinking experience.