Our Mangrove Forest


More about the Mangroves

Here at Cannabrew, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. One of our main aims is to plant as many trees as possible in the Madagascan Mangroves, thanks to our partnership with Ecologi, which you can read more about here. We’re even running marathon for the cause! Here, we provide our customers with more information about the Mangroves, and why we are doing everything we can to help.

Deforestation in Madagascar –

Deforestation has been an issue in Madagascar for a devastating length of time. With its impressive concentration of 200,000 species and various habitats, it is estimated that thousands of species have been displaced thanks to a 90% loss to the country’s rainforests.

The Mangroves 

But why is this such a concern? Well, Mangrove ecosystems are extremely important, meaning it is essential that sustainable use and conservation is promoted as much as possible. An impressive 2% of the world’s mangroves are found in Madagascar. The country is fortunate enough to have a large number which must be protected at all costs. Some of the features of these unique ecosystems include:

  • Habitats for fauna, flora, fish and crustacean species
  • Extremely biodiverse
  • Natural protection for the Madagascan coastline
  • Regulation of the climate
  • Large amounts of carbon storage
  • Socio-economic benefits for locals

However, these ecosystems are suffering from serious degradation thanks to deforestation and areas being used for cropland. To reduce the socio-economic and ecological impacts of this devastation, something must be done.

How We Help 

Obviously, we aren’t the only ones who have recognised this problem. Since 2019, The Mangrove Initiative has seen increased action from people who are passionate to manage and protect these ecosystems, and we are proud to say that Cannabrew is one of them! As we mentioned, we partner with Ecologi to plant trees in the Mangroves, whose designated land is near Marataola, at the North West of the Madagascan island. We have 1,354 hectares of land, where our trees are being planted at this very moment. Plus, you can view our virtual forest here!

Did we mention that we are running a marathon? With the big day just weeks away, there is no better time to check out our Just Giving page and donate to this wonderful cause. Plus, every time we sell a crate of our fantastic CBD-infused alcoholic beverages, we can plant a further two trees! Christmas is just around the corner, so why not purchase the perfect Christmas present while helping the environment at the same time.