One tree planted for every case sold


Through our partnership with One Tree Planted every time we sell a case of Cannabrew, We have committed to plant a tree in the Amazon Rainforest (The earth’s lungs) through the One Tree Planted Foundation, and have been a contributor to their 2.5 Million Trees planted already.

Why We Partner With One Tree Planted:

Reforestation means:

  1. Cleaner air: Trees produce and clean the air that we breathe. They release clean oxygen that is vital to our very survival whilst removing harmful pollutants from the air through their leaves and bark.
  2. Less flooding: Trees help to prevent dangerous flooding by absorbing excess ground water through their roots whilst filtering out harmful pollutants, this is particularly helpful during heavy rain when the presence of trees in a community can help to reduce flooding by up to 20%.
  3. Better bio- diversity: A single tree provides a rich natural habitat for a large number of organisms, including insects, fungi, mosses, animals and plants. When we remove trees from our landscape a significant proportion of animals and plants are left without a home.
  4. Improved climate control: Trees play a central role in ensuring that our planet maintains a regular temperature. Tree help to cool our planet, by absorbing harmful greenhouse gases (C02) from the air. Trees absorb harmful toxins through their trunks and branches, whilst releasing vital oxygen and water vapour into the air. In fact the presence of trees in cities has been found to lower the air temperature by up to 8°C.
  5. Reduced social impact: Over 1.6 billion people rely on the world’s forests for employment. In some parts of the world there are communities on rely on the forest for every aspect of their lives, such as the most remote indigenous communities in Peru for whom the destruction of the rainforest threatens their housing, food and entire way of life.
  6. Better human health: Trees enhance the quality of our lives in so many ways, from removing harmful toxins from the air to cleaning our water sources, making the outdoors more appealing and aiding our wellbeing – without them we simply cannot survive.

At Cannabrew, we have a passion for looking after the planet and we feel particularly strongly about the fight against deforestation.

Sustainability is important us, so we use recycling and recycled products throughout our business. We even use recycling projects by local farmers to reduce food waste, so we donate the used grains and hops to farmers to feed their animals and fertilise their fields (naturally – and that’s no BS!). Additionally, all our packaging is completely recyclable. Join our journey at #MakeTheEarthGreener – post your favourite personal shots with a tree somewhere in the background or like our Facebook page. You can also tag us in on Facebook or Instagram at @Cannabrewltd.