Cannabrew supports Solar Power in India



As India's population within the states of Tamil Nadu and Telangana climb towards 119 million people, the demand for energy within the area continues to grow in parallel. Despite this growing demand, India's energy is still predominantly reliant on the burning of coal (around 55%) which, in turn, means the increased demand for energy is being met with an increase in non-renewable and fossil fuel based energy sources.

Given the climate in India, and in response to the majority stake of coal in the energy creation process, solar panels and solar power solutions have become pivotal to India's strategy in curbing the pollution created through fossil fuels.


In response to this rise, one of Cannabrew's ecological projects this month is to support the increased production, usage and distribution of Solar Power energy in Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Each year this project currently displaces around 95 million watts of fossil fuel generated energy which accounts for an emission reduction of around 93,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Learn more about this in our forest in Ecologi here!