Cannabrew: in the business of sustainability


Enjoying a beer used to be as simple as taking a sip. Now, companies have to do more than just ensure their products are good – they have to do good too. This way, consumers know they can enjoy them without the guilt of contributing to damaging environmental practices.

More and more, consumers are waking up to the fact that they have the power to encourage sustainable practices. If a company isn’t doing what they can to lower their impact on the environment, it’s easier than ever for customers to find out and subsequently choose to spend their money elsewhere.

Becoming sustainable isn’t just good business sense, it’s also vital. For ourselves, for the people that come after us, and for the planet. It may not be the easiest task to change methods of production that have been in place for a long time, and traditionally brewing is not the most environmentally friendly of practices. But companies like Cannabrew aren’t afraid to rewrite the rules when it comes to beer production to ensure they’re creating something that is as sustainable as possible.

A lack of sustainability is a problem we can’t ignore

It’s hard not to be aware of the growing climate crisis. We see it on our TVs, in our social feeds, and even outside our windows. As individuals, we all have the responsibility to do our bit, but companies can use the resources they have at their disposal to really make an impact. It's becoming more and more important to combine sustainable production with ethical business practices, not just for our environment now but for the generations yet to come.

There are a number of steps that companies are taking to reduce their impact on the environment and to ensure that they’re more sustainable. They’re encouraging greener initiatives within their workforces, redesigning their products to use recycled materials, and even embracing vegan ingredients instead of more harmful, traditional ones.

From reimagining packaging to reducing their carbon footprints, some companies are showing consumers how seriously they are taking their commitment to help combat Climate Change, and Cannabrew is no exception. They are dedicated to making their practices sustainable, ensuring that they’re helping to take care of the planet as well as producing great full-flavoured CBD beer.

Creating sustainable, vegan beer that tastes good and feels good

Crafting sustainable beer is threaded through everything that Cannabrew does. For every case of beer purchased, they plant two trees in their company forest. With over 16,000 trees planted to date, their number just keeps growing and growing, and so does their impact. Cannabrew also offsets all of their staff's CO2 by donating trees monthly, increasing the carbon dioxide absorbed, and releasing that all-important oxygen back into the atmosphere. Overall, this has led to over 17.18t of carbon reduction, showing the effect that consumers and companies can have when they work together and commit to doing their bit.

Not only is Cannabrew actively reducing carbon through tree planting, but they are also proudly 100% plastic-free. They use naturally biodegradable and cornstarch-based materials instead, and their vegan beer comes in aluminium cans or glass bottles – both of which can be recycled again and again. But eco-friendly packaging is just one small part of all the sustainable elements of Cannabrew’s ethos.

Creating vegan products is also a significant way that Cannabrew is ensuring their beer is sustainable and suitable for as many people as possible. More and more businesses are embracing vegan products, and it’s no surprise why. Crafting beer that is not only delicious but also vegan is a great way to reduce carbon footprints, and avoids the use of dairy products found in some beers which means they can’t be enjoyed by everyone.

Helping at home and across the globe with sustainable beer production

As partners of Ecologi, Cannabrew also helps to fund projects in the UK and around the world each month, from converting landfill gas to energy in Northern Turkey to protecting old-growth rainforests in Peru. The range of projects targets issues of deforestation, unsustainable energy production, and repairing the negative environmental impact of other harmful industries. These initiatives show how environmentally aware Cannabrew is, striving to make a difference across the globe with funding that directly impacts CO2 levels.

But helping the environment is not just about thinking on a global scale. It’s also about looking towards our local communities, which Cannabrew does by contributing to a circular economy in their area. To minimise waste and ensure that everything that can be used is, Cannabrew donates leftover hops and malts to local farmers to use for their fertilisers and feed. With less waste and materials travelling across smaller distances before they’re used, this is just another Cannabrew is helping to reduce harmful emissions. This means from field to can, Cannabrew really is in the business of making sustainable beer.

Businesses can do better and create truly sustainable products

It's not just infinitely possible for businesses to act responsibly and lower their impact on the environment, but it’s also essential. Sustainable beer is no longer just a thing of the future. It’s completely possible to embrace new ways of production and incorporate them into your business practices, just as Cannabrew has shown. Plastic-free packaging, planting thousands of trees and counting, and helping to fund crucial environmental projects all over the world are just some of the ways Cannabrew is working to fight Climate Change.

Companies like Cannabrew are leading the way with eco-friendly production methods that don’t sacrifice on taste, creating vegan beers and ciders for consumers to enjoy. Not only for the experience but also with the knowledge that they’re helping to make a difference with every can.