Ecologi: Two trees planted for every case sold

Our partnership with Ecologi

Sustainability is extremely important to us, and is at the core of everything we do. While our company has a number of priorities, environmental consideration is always at the back of our minds. One of our main aims is to plant as many trees as possible on our Cannabrew journey – and yours. To help us reach this goal, we have partnered with Ecologi, a company dedicated to finding the world’s best climate crisis solutions.

Ecologi and their partners work to support a number of highly ranked projects, including reforestation and renewables. These projects are all considered highly beneficial climate change solutions.  One example is The Eden Project, which looks to reduce extreme poverty, restore healthy forests, and employ local villagers to plant these trees. Ecologi’s goal is to plant one billion trees – and at Cannabrew, we aim to contribute one million of these, with the help of our customers.


What we can do with Ecologi

Grow our own forest:

With every crate of beer or cider sold, we can plant two trees in the Madagascan Mangroves. With the world’s impressive technological stance, we can even virtually watch our forest come to life. This allows us to keep track of our progress, which can be extremely rewarding. We feel extremely satisfied knowing that we are creating employment for local families in Madagascar and are restoring wildlife habitats.

Reduce carbon pollution:

Everything in life involves borrowing something from the planet. However, here at Cannabrew, we understand that it’s important to give back more than we take. We do a lot of deliveries, which could harm our carbon footprint. However, thanks to our collaboration with Ecologi, we can remain carbon neutral.

Set ourselves challenges:

Being aware is extremely important to sustainable living. Once you become aware of your carbon footprint, it’s difficult to ignore. At Cannabrew, we go above and beyond to set ourselves big climate aims and low carbon goals, taking us on an environmental journey which is extremely rewarding. Our ultimate aim is to plant one million trees in the Madagascan Mangroves – only then will we consider our mission to be truly successful.

More about the Mangroves

Madagascar has suffered from extreme deforestation, with a 90% loss to their all-important rainforests. The nation has over 200,000 species of different animals and plants that are unlikely to exist anywhere else in the world. Since the colossal deforestation, many of these species have been displaced.

Ecologi’s designated land is to the north west of the Madagascan island, near to Marataola. Our trees are being planted as we speak, in an area of 1,354 hectares. Ecologi hopes to move along the coastline as more businesses like Cannabrew choose to contribute to their cause.

As a company, we consider this truly devastating, and will do whatever we can to help combat the issue.


Cannabrew’s achievements so far…

As of September 2020, we have:

  • Planted 571 trees in our forest, meaning 571 real trees have been planted in the Madagascan Mangroves.
  • Offset 7.67 tonnes of Co2e – the equivalent to 6 long haul flights, or 23 metres squared of sea ice!
  • Successfully managed to be three months climate positive, meaning we are succeeding at giving back more than we take.
  • We guarantee that with your help and our dedication to the cause, these figures will only increase.

Projects we have supported:

  • Delivering clean drinking water to people in Haiti
  • Solar power in Maharashtra (India)
  • Restoring and protecting the Colombian Pacific Coast, including the 83,452 hectares of Columbian forests
  • Forest plantation on Uruguay degraded grassland, where over 20,000 hectares of land used for cattle grazing is to be used for growing forests
  • Repairing water boreholes in Eritrea
  • Protecting and restoring the Pacific coast of Columbia


Our other efforts:

We try to minimise our waste as much as possible – we know that beer can produce a lot of it. As a company, we are proud of our Northern roots, so aside from our partnership with Ecologi, we also dedicate ourselves to the local farmers. We make sure to donate our used hops and grains so they can be used for feed. This way, our waste is being put to good use.

We are extremely proud to be contributing to such major climate solutions. We have a firm believe that it is our generation who can salvage the environment – all it takes is a little hard work, and in your case, a little beer!

Check out our company forest: