Carbon neutrality and the UK

Carbon neutrality and the UK

Here at Cannabrew, we pride ourselves on being carbon neutral. But what about the rest of the UK? As you may know, as of 2019, the UK aims to be completely carbon neutral by 2050. So essentially, we have 30 years to collectively balance out our carbon emissions. We are extremely passionate about helping towards this goal, so we thought we’d use this post to discuss the ins and outs of carbon neutrality – what it is, how it’s possible, and what this would mean for the UK.


Net-zero by 2050

Believe it or not – (we sometimes struggle to!) – but 2050 is a mere 30 years away, so a declaration to be net-zero by this time is a pretty bold statement from the UK. Saying that, we have the fifth-largest economy in the world, so imagine the effect we could have on the climate change debate if this goal is achieved.

Yes, the UK was built on coal. But here we are in 2020, and as much as 39% of our electricity still comes from fossil fuels such as natural gas, coil, and oil. Burning such hydrocarbons significantly increases the amount of carbon dioxide we are emitting into the atmosphere. If carbon neutrality is going to be at all possible, this definitely needs to change.


What does it mean to be net-zero?

In simple terms, to be net-zero, you need to achieve a balance between the amount of carbon dioxide that is removed from the atmosphere and the amount that is added through greenhouse gas emissions. There are two main ways to achieve this:

· Reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions

· Actively removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere (for example, we achieve this by planting two trees in the Madagascan Mangroves for every crate sold! Check out <a href=”>this post</a> for more details.)

Once the amount of emissions that are removed cancels out the amount that is produced, a country/area/business is considered to be a net-zero emitter, or carbon neutral.


How will the UK achieve this?

Imagine healthy lifestyles, quiet roads, and a country covered in trees. Will this be what a carbon-neutral UK looks like? We are the first major nation to make such a pledge, so the knock-on effects on the population involve a degree of guesswork.

Meeting such a goal will require some significant changes, including making use of zero-carbon alternatives such as renewable energy forms. It may also involve using more electric-powered transport methods such as trains as opposed to buses and cars. It is industries that will face more issues, as production processes often include large amounts of energy. However, according to lecturer Dr. Jaise Kuriakose;

“If you plant lots of trees, they absorb some of the Co2 from the atmosphere, and some of these emissions can be eliminated.”


So here at Cannabrew, we are definitely doing something right!


The UK is currently looking at potential land use for forestry, allowing more trees to be planted. According to the committee on climate change, the country needs to be more ambitious in order to reach its goal – a quarter of UK land should really include trees!


The bottom line

All in all, meeting the 2050 target will involve businesses pulling together and reducing their carbon emissions as much as possible, something which is very important to us. Want to get involved? Check out our CBD-infused beverages – with every crate sold, we will plant two trees! Enjoy our products while feeling completely guilt-free, knowing you have contributed to the UK’s carbon neutrality goal.