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Unwind with… Elliot Horner

Whether it's a walk on the beach, getting lost in a book or relaxing in the bath with a can of Cannabrew, we all have our own ways to unwind, and as unwinding naturally is a particular passion of ours, we wanted to find out more about people's unwinding habits. ⁠

Each month, we'll have a chat to inspirational individuals about how they like to unwind from the trials and tribulations that life throws at them, and understand a little more about the mindset behind their magic. ⁠

And for our very first edition, who else would we chat to than the big boss, Cannabrew Founder Elliot, to chat all things CBD brewing and what you can expect from us in 2022!⁠

Hi Elliot, so tell us, apart from a can or two of Cannabrew, how do you typically unwind from the stress and strains of daily life?

As a Northern boy, I love to explore the hills and lakes of the Lake District as well as the odd spot of camping. I think it’s important to reconnect with your natural environment and to switch off from day to day life so that means no mobiles/socials during that time. That’s pretty much the perfect way to unwind, the natural way.

Growing a new business in the midst of a pandemic would have definitely posed a number of challenges, how did you overcome these challenges?

We started Cannabrew just before the pandemic hit so the timing wasn’t the best but we had to adapt as we could no longer easily get out and get Cannabrew in front of people. A very beneficial thing we did to combat that was to set up a VR brewery tour alongside the classic sending out of the product. This allowed potential stockists and customers to see everything we do and provide them a real insight to everything Cannabrew is about, on top of the important taste test.

We know you’re no stranger to taking risks, like sticking your mum on top of a plane to launch Cloud Cider, but what would you say is the biggest risk you’ve taken that’s paid off for you and the business?

I think starting the business at a young age on a whim in such a niche space of CBD-infused alcohol was definitely the biggest risk. I always believed in myself but I went into this knowing that I still had a lot to learn. I had to allow myself to make mistakes. It really was the best way to grow and learn. In the early days there was a lot of money and time going into unnecessary things and I needed to find that middle ground and focus.

A lot of people get asked what the best piece of advice they’ve received but we want to know what is the one piece of advice that makes you angry every time you see it suggested?

I mean I’m not a very angry person but one thing that does grind my gears a bit is hearing that you need a massive business plan that you MUST stick to in order to succeed. Just jump on and ride the rollercoaster. Things change all the time and so must the way you approach your business. Start up businesses need to be nimble and making mistakes is important to grow and develop.

Who is it that inspires you?

There’s two names that come to mind. First up is Francis Ngannou. It is so inspiring to hear his story of coming from poverty in Africa, being jailed for illegally crossing a border in Spain and being homeless on the streets of Paris to becoming one of the greatest MMA fighters in the world. His sheer willpower and determination to succeed is incredible.

On the other hand, we have the Gymshark CEO Ben Francis. His journey from starting the business in his bedroom to where it is today as a billion pound company is super inspiring. Especially having seen him achieve this success at such a young age. It has really forged a path ahead for what I think we can achieve here at Cannabrew.

I think we know the answer to this but where is your favourite place to naturally unwind with a can of Cannabrew?

This one’s easy, the Lake District. But to be specific, I’ll have to say a particular bothy overlooking Buttermere - it has the most stunning and serene views with such a calming natural landscape.

Finally, what’s next? What does 2022 hold for yourself and the brand?

2022 is going to be a year of growth. We’ve recently added Sam to the team and I’m sure we’ll have many more faces join the family in the coming months! The focus is to introduce Cannabrew to as many people and be face to face with as many customers as we can. Seeing their enthusiasm for the brand really motivates us to do well. We also have a couple of exciting festivals ahead in the summer which we’re really looking forward to.

We may or may not have a few new products, hopefully, on their way in 2022 but that’s all you’re going to get for now on that, keep your eyes peeled.

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