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The Best CBD Beer You Need to Try in 2022

You may have heard on the grapevine (or beer-vine… imagine if such a thing existed…) that CBD beer is a super way to help you unwind after a long slog at work. And, according to our customer reviews, you’ve not heard wrong! Though it hasn’t yet hit the shelves in major UK supermarkets, we at Cannabrew are certain that CBD beer’s time is coming… and what a time it will be! 

CBD infused beer carries amazing antioxidant benefits, is reputed to boost feelings of relaxation and may even help to combat anxiety. But no, though it is produced using elements from hemp, CBD beer will not get you high as all traces of THC (the psychoactive agent in cannabis) are removed. Read more about the effects of CBD beer.

So, with all of these incredible benefits - and a refreshing taste to match - you must be curious to try some, eh? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re here to help you out and clue you in with our recommendations of the very best CBD beers that you need to try in 2022, based on thousands of customer ratings from

The best CBD beer for 2022

  1. Cannabrew Sesh IPA - 3.55/5, 415+ ratings
  2. Cannabrew Soul Lager - 3.58/5, 200+ ratings
  3. Hop & Hemp Easy Times IPA (low alcohol) - 2.74/5, 145 ratings
  4. Hanlon’s CBD IPA - 3.49/5, 44 ratings
  5. Green Times Brewing ‘Take Five’ New England IPA - Not yet rated


*Ratings from in 2022.

There are only a handful of legitimate producers, so you can rest assured that all of the beers on this list have been extensively lab-tested and accredited as perfectly safe.

Cannabrew Sesh IPA

Rating: 3.55/5 (415+ ratings)

Who cares about ‘saving the best for last’, we’re saving the best for first. Of course, it’s our legendary Sesh IPA - our most popular product and the CBD beer that you need to try today!

Cannabrew was born to fulfil a single mission: to help you unwind, naturally. After a career in semi-professional rugby, our founder (Elliot) was tired of the aches and pains that come with the territory. One day, he was introduced to the relaxing effects of CBD and he knew the world needed to learn more about it. 

Fast-forward and we have our incredible Sesh IPA. With its light citrus notes and fresh hop flavours, it’s as mouth-wateringly tasty as it is deliciously relaxing to drink. All of our sumptuous brews are 100% THC free, meaning that this CBD IPA absolutely won’t get you high. However, the 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil found in every can will do its utmost to help you unwind and relax in an all-natural, soothing way. That’s certainly what our customers have experienced, anyway!

Citrusy fresh and very sessionable IPA. The CBD should be great to help me relax after work today. - Martin H.

A great drink, perfect for relaxing after a long day. - Mark H.

Super citrusy & with a light crisp finish, overall a nice summery IPA. The CBD gives a nice chilled tipsy-like buzz, It was the perfect way to switch off & relax after a tough day, I slept super easy. - Ben


And, as an added bonus, our Sesh is 100% vegan as well due to our alternative filtration processes. Surprised that most beer isn’t vegan-friendly? Yeah, so were we. While you won’t find meat in your beer, there may be traces of fish guts… not so with Cannabrew!

In fact, we do our very best at Cannabrew to ensure that all of our processes are as eco-friendly as possible and leave a positive effect on the environment. We’ve already managed to go 100% plastic-free and, for every case of beer we sell, we plant 2 trees - that’s over 17,000 trees and counting! 

We firmly believe that great beer shouldn’t cost the Earth. And boy, is this a great beer.



But we don’t just make CBD IPA at Cannabrew… Introducing:

Cannabrew Soul Lager

Rating: 3.8/5 (200+ ratings)

For those who value a refreshing lager after a long day, we recommend our very own Soul Lager

Best served chilled, this citrusy treat has notes of vanilla and is deliciously drinkable. Just like our Sesh, Soul Lager is packed with 15mg of the highest-quality broad-spectrum CBD oil to help you unwind - the natural way. And yes, our Soul is 100% THC-free and vegan to boot. 

So, if IPA isn’t your thing, grab yourself a lil’ bit of Soul and get ready to head on down to relax-town.

View Soul Lager

Hop & Hemp Easy Times IPA (low alcohol)

Rating: 2.74/5 (145 ratings)

We and Hop & Hemp are kindred spirits: we both want to help you relax, unwind and feel great. And their Easy Times IPA is certainly a contender when it comes to getting you to unwind - without the alcohol. 

Its full-on citrus flavours and pleasant aromas of grapefruit and lemonade are imparted by the tried and tested addition of American hops to double-down on the citrus and deliver tasty notes of biscuit and honey.

Wrap that great taste up in a bottle with just 0.5% ABV, you can unwind in the evening and ensure yourself zero hangover. Win-win. Finally, if IPA isn’t quite your thing, you can get Hop & Hemp’s Lowdown Lager, also at 0.5% ABV. 


Hanlon’s CBD IPA

Rating: 3.49/5 (44 ratings)

A newer addition, Hanlon’s touts their CBD IPA as a ‘beer with benefits’ - and for good reason. 

At 4.0% ABV and containing sustainably-sourced and lab-tested full-spectrum CBD oil, this IPA is also packed with the very best citrus aromas, malt, hops and mineral water from the gorgeous hills of Devon. 

It’s hazy, vegan-friendly, and one of the very best CBD session beers you can buy today.


Green Times Brewing ‘Take Five’ New England IPA

Not yet rated on

Finally, here’s a juicy one for you. Green Times’ ‘Take Five’ is a 5.0% powerhouse packed with tropical fruit flavours of mango and passionfruit, with just a hint of pine in the nose. It also packs 10mg of CBD oil into every can to help you get your ‘unwind’ on, while Green Times pride themselves on their vegan and eco-friendly products. 

Definitely, one to watch. 


Try the best CBD beer today

There you have it: the perfect lowdown of the very best CBD beers that you can get your hands on today. Whether you want something with a bit of kick or alcohol-free, there’s something for you on this list - and they all share the same purpose: to help you unwind.

So, if we’ve peaked your interest, get yourself over to our site and pick up your first case of CBD beer today! You can try our Sesh IPA, Soul Lager - or you can treat yourself and grab a mixed case to get the best of both worlds.

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Either way, we hope you enjoy, feel super relaxed and - of course - drink responsibly!

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