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Mixing CBD and Alcohol? Here's What Happens

Infusing consumables with CBD oil may yield a bunch of positive effects. While you may never have heard of CBD just a few years ago, it has taken off in the wellness world and can now be found infused with a variety of products like protein bars, bath bombs and even face creams, and of course, craft beers, with more and more people shouting about it every year. 

CBD can help you relax in a safe, natural way. It can help you with pain management for both everyday aches and pains and longer-standing issues. Hell, it might even improve your skin health!

But what about mixing it with alcohol? Is it safe? What are the effects? What exactly happens when you mix CBD and alcohol? 

Well, don’t worry - us canny folk at Cannabrew (get it?) have the answers to all these questions and more right here; so let’s dive in, eh?

Can you drink alcohol with CBD oil?

You certainly can drink CBD oil and alcohol together, however, we wouldn’t recommend that you try mixing it yourself for a couple of reasons. 

Mixing it yourself leaves too much room for error and you could be mixing too many mg of CBD into your alcohol, which could be unhealthy. You’d also need to factor in which alcohol you’re mixing it in to. 

This just leaves far too much room for error and it’ll be completely untested - there’s a possibility that it could be unsafe. Our advice would be to stick with the professionals who have tried and tested this for years in safe, controlled laboratory environments. 

Speaking of which…

What about CBD infused alcoholic drinks?

This is one of the most common questions we get and - being real with you right here - if you COULDN’T safely drink alcohol infused with CBD then we’d be out of business pretty quickly, right? 

So, what we’re saying is: YES you can drink alcohol with CBD. But, as we said earlier, you should always leave it to the experts - don’t go fiddling around with it yourself, because you’ll be doing it in a totally untested and potentially unsafe way. And that’s the last thing we want!

At Cannabrew, we pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients; we never cut corners when it comes to quality. We get all of our CBD oil from the hills of Colorado, from reputable and fully-licensed producers. We then comprehensively test the quality of that CBD, adhering to standards set by the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Shelf Stability Evaluation and the ISO (quality assurance management).

Basically, we give a damn about producing CBD drinks that we test the crap out of to make sure it’s perfectly safe to drink - but always remember: our beer and cider is alcoholic, so make sure you consume it in a responsible manner!

Benefits of mixing CBD and alcohol

If you do consume our products responsibly, you’ll find that they carry a number of potential benefits. So let’s not waste time - let’s dig right into them:

It can help you unwind

It’s our company mission, after all: at Cannabrew, we create products to help you unwind, naturally. 

Maybe you struggle with a bit of anxiety? Maybe you get a little uncomfortable in larger social groups? 

CBD-infused alcoholic products can help you fight these negative feelings and get you to unwind in an all-natural way. You may feel less anxious after one or two of our beers, or you might feel more yourself in a larger group if crowds make you feel off. 

Just remember to drink responsibly and you’ll be grand.

It can help with aches and pains

This is actually one of the main reasons we founded Cannabrew!

Elliot (our head honcho) used to be an avid semi-pro rugby player. While he loved the game, there are risks that come with it - and he suffered from pretty regular bouts of aches and pains in his muscles and joints. 

Enter: CBD. 

After being introduced to CBD, he discovered that even consuming small amounts was enough to help him feel normal again - it helped him take control of his pain management in a natural and sustainable way. 

Since he found it so beneficial, he decided more people needed to know about CBD-infused products and thus, Cannabrew was born.   

It can help you sleep

If you struggle with dropping off, a little CBD may go the extra mile in making you feel drowsy and ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Once again, consumed responsibly, the effects of CBD and alcohol may work in tandem to send you off to sleep in a more relaxing way…

It may improve your hangover…

… and if you go a little harder to the point that you may end up with a hangover, it has been suggested that CBD can actually mute those awful effects and have you back up and about a little sooner. 

Though we wouldn’t recommend testing this out. Hangovers will always suck. 

Final thoughts on CBD and alcohol

New research on the complex interactions between CBD and alcohol is being performed all the time. CBD-infusion is a rapidly-growing industry and more people than ever are realising that it can be truly beneficial - if consumed in the right way. 

At Cannabrew, we humbly believe that we’ve nailed it - combining the refreshing tastes of IPA, lager and cider with the finest officially-licensed, all-natural CBD oil straight from the beautiful hills of Colorado. 

Drank responsibly, you may find that our products help you fight anxiety, make you feel more social, help you with your annoying aches and pains or even get you a better night’s sleep. 

And yes, we test all of our products EXTENSIVELY (like… REALLY extensively) to make sure that it’s as safe and natural as can be - without compromising on amazing flavour. 

So, if we’ve got you curious, you can try our products today!

  • Our Sesh IPA is wonderfully citrusy - with a healthy dose of hoppy magic thrown in. 
  • If lager is more your thing, wrap your chops around a can of our Soul Lager - it’s balanced just right with citrus and vanilla.
  • Or if you’re a cider fan, get your head in the clouds with our mouth-watering Cloud Cider - made using crisp, juicy apples straight from British orchards.

Wait… you wanna try them ALL? Well, you certainly can - we just so happen to have a mixed case for just such an occasion, so get your taste buds tingling and give ‘em all a go today!

If you want to learn more about our story, our products or Cannabrew in general, jump onto our site right now and get the lowdown. 

So, drink responsibly and get ready for a new taste sensation - we look forward to having you along for the ride!

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